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Holy Family is an outstanding Catholic school

offering children a rich faith experience and exemplary pastoral care. ‘ Section 48 Inspection.

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We are very proud of the growing community we have. We try to live their lives according to the teaching and example of Jesus, our friend.

So together we talk about Jesus and all he has taught us. (We call this sharing the Word); we meet together to pray (Worship); we show others how he wanted us to live (Witness) and we look after each other (Welfare of all).

Therefore, we Welcome visitors and new families to be with us as we share the WordWorship together, give Witness to our faith and look after each other’s Welfare.

Our 5 Ws!

This model underpins our Mission statement and School Aims, through which we endeavour to provide the best for each person in our school. Our OFSTED report, RE inspection report, prospectus and school profile will tell you how well we are fulfilling these aims to provide an excellent, creative, enjoyable education, underpinned by our Catholic faith – enjoy finding out more!

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